In these busy days we live in, it’s so lovely to be able to do the things we enjoy doing, especially if you are able to share these experiences with whanau. Mamulu is our way of being able to share the things we love to create together and we hope that you will feel this love in our ‘whanau made with aroha’ creations.

We have a large range of pre-made hand crafted soy wax candles using a 100% quality soy wax, cotton wicks and a variety of amazing fragrances all blended from essential oils.  

We love to reuse and recycle where we can so we offer a more personal touch where you can provide your own vessel and select a fragrance and wick of your choice to bring new life back into something you may have previously thrown away.  We offer this service for not only candle vessels but also for diffusers so why not up-cycleor refill what you already have and put these once beautiful pieces back to good use!

If your preference is for something more contemporary, create your own candle with your choice of fragrance and colours. Just head to our 'Soy Product Price List' tab and make your selections, we make it super easy for you.

But it doesn't end here...  

Darren, is a very talented graphic designer and has created some truly beautiful pieces of wall art which are just too good not to be shared. Check out the 'Wall Art' tab regularly to review what's currently on offer in this space, you won't be disappointed!

You can contact us if you would like to commission a one off piece of personalised artwork or any other graphic design work: 
• Posters
• Illustration
• Logo/branding
• Signage/wayfinding solutions.

From us, to our daughters and extended whanau, Mamulu encompasses all our whanau creativity and we are so proud and excited to be able to share these products 'made with aroha' with each and every one of you. 

Much aroha from our whanau to yours, Caroline and Darren.

Where does MAMULU come from?

I want to spend more time with my little ladies and decided to try and find something we can do together and this is where the name ‘Mamulu’ has originated from. MA = being me the mother, MU = my youngest daughter known as Mila Mu, LU = My oldest daughter known as Lexi Lu.